What happens with Personal Injury Claims?


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What happens with Personal Injury Claims?

For some years now the subject of Personal injury Claims has been at the leading edge of the legal profession. It is a subject that is of no interest to the large majority of us because we have never been involved in a claim or an accident. BUT and it is a big but that if we suffer an accident or we unfortunately suffer from Medical Negligence we suddenly have to get up to speed on the subject rapidly.
What I intend to do in this article is to bring you up to a basic knowledge of the key areas such as Personal Injury Solicitor, process, the Calculator, no win no fee, time limits, car accidents etc.


Do I need a Personal injury solicitor?

Now arguably the most important thing to get right is your choice of a Personal Injury solicitor. That means the best person to represent you and your interests. It is no easy choice and yet it is the key to a successful outcome. Your choice of Solicitor will assemble all the paper work and will explain exactly what the process is and will set out the various steps that will be taken in your accident claim. In compiling the paperwork all of your expenses medical and other wise and your loss of earnings if applicable will be taken into consideration for your personal injury claim for compensation. You can contact one of our any Personal injury solicitors in Dublin who will go through any questions you might have free of charge.


What is the Personal Injury Process?

Once you have made your choice of solicitor it is time to get down to business and for the process to be laid out before you. Do you have a claim? Is your claim eligible or not? There are some simple rules that any potential claim needs to satisfy. Firstly has the accident or medical negligence occurred in the last two years, as you have two years only to file and one day over nullifies any claim. There is an exception to this and it is when the accident or medical negligence happens to a minor (ie under the age of 18) then the two year rule does not apply. For Medical negligence you must ask if there are enough documented facts that tie what happened to you in the past with what is happening to you right now. This is not easy as maybe what happened in the past is not good enough. There has to be firm linkage between the past and today. As with everything in personal injury claims documented facts and expert witnesses are critical.

When to use a Personal Injury Calculator?

When you come to the personal injury claims calculator you must know that every claim is based upon the totally unique set of circumstances and events that will have a direct impact on the final amount of the claim.
In the case of personal injury and accident claims then the party at fault then is liable firstly for all the medical costs, the loss of income. Secondly for the loss of income, if any, either if the injured party is off work for a period or if the injured person is not capable of doing the same job on the return to work. And finally compensation is also paid to the injured person due to stress, etc. This is a fixed formula which is used case by case without any exception.


What exactly is No Win No Fee?

Many people worry about how much it might cost to pursue a claim and stress and worry is a major factor in any Personal Injury Claim. Many people walk away from a claim discouraged by the possible financial burden that might arise.

Many people think they know how a No Win No Fee claim works. Some people think simply that the personal injury solicitor takes a risk on the outcome of the claim and only gets paid by you if they win the claim. Well it is not exactly like that! It is a little bit different.

A No Win No Fee agreement is a straight forward method of covering the legal and other costs involved in a personal injury claim. Technically it is known as a Conditional Fee Agreement, where the personal injury solicitor gets paid by the adversary’s insurance company. If you lose then no fee is paid.

From December 1st we will no longer be handling no win no fee

claims please contact http://www.personalinjurysolicitorsdublin.info/no-win-no-fee/ for any cases relating to this particular area.

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