What are no win no fee Solicitors?


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What are no win no fee Solicitors?

The no win no fee arrangement has been around for sometime on personal injury and accident claims.

The no win no fee settlement was even introduced by the government of the United Kingdom to make sure that their legal system became much more affordable and accessible for everyone. Even before the introduction of this settlement, it was felt by many that the judicial system had been out of the reach of the middle and lower class. This is because the cases were usually very expensive in terms of costs and they tended to be very lengthy indeed. As a result the average middle class and lower class citizen naturally found it very difficult indeed to bear the heavy costs. Thankfully, the contingent fee settlement (no win no fee) has made things much easier, as the costs of the claim are deducted from the compensation received. No win no fee is now fairly common in a number of countries in the personal accident and injury area.

Litigation can be very expensive, especially when you have had an accident or suffered from Medical Negligence that was not your fault. Trying to claim compensation for an accident or Medical Negligence that was someone else’s error can be very stressful and a serious worry for many people. This is why No Win No fee solicitors and law firms were created. However, are they worth the bother of using their services? Let us examine the many advantages and disadvantages of using them.

What are The Advantages?

How to pay the injury and accident solicitors can be very stressful and is certainly a serious worry, but you do not have to be concerned at all when it comes to the No Win, No Fee lawyers. Simply the cost of the process, their fees and expenses, are put back to the end of the process. As the sentence itself says, No Win No Fee, you do not have to pay for the cost of the lawyers if you do not win your case.

On top of that you can get out of paying your costs both your own and for the other side if you do lose by taking out insurance called a Conditional Fee Agreement. There is also an “after the event insurance” that can be taken out.

You can agree on a Conditional Fee Agreement, which is an out of court settlement. This can help to bring the claim to an end quickly without the need to go to court. Indeed over 90% of our cases are settled out of court which will spare you the public arena!
All this is very positive for a solicitor working on your No Win No Fee claim, as they will have a much greater financial incentive for them to win. Therefore, they are more likely to put more work and effort into your case.

What are the Disadvantages?

If you have a risky or doubtful case, then there are chances that you will struggle to hire a no win no fee solicitor. As their risk is high they are less likely to be paid and they will definitely not want to do the work for free. Would you?
If you lose your case, you may possibly need to pay the defending party’s costs, unless you have been fortunate to have taken out some insurance to cover yourself in this regard. Some cases, especially Medical negligence can become extremely expensive and can make a serious hole in your pocket.

You will, of course, have to pay your solicitor if you do win. This cost should be claimed through the other party, if you have correctly negotiated that at the beginning, but, more often than not, you will usually find that it is a part of the amount that you are awarded from the accident or injury claim.

A word of warning!

Do not forget that solicitors are paid for from the cases that they win and they will try to gain or earn as much money as they possibly can. There is as a result of this the possibility that this could lead to them pushing you into making decisions that you do not want to take, as they are too risky.
For your information from the beginning of December anyone requiring  no win no fee solicitors in Dublin we will no longer be dealing with these cases you can contact www.personalinjurysolicitorsdublin.info/no-win-no-fee/ for any cases that fall into this category.

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